Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, former Great Plains Software Dynamics and eEnterprise was created in earlier 1990th as ERP, which may be easily transferable towards the winning Database and OS platform also it was initially on Pc and a mac – Mac OS and Microsoft Home windows correspondingly. Graphical platforms fight is really over and today with eCommerce demands, we ought to take a look at Great Plains Dynamics tables structure:

o Naming Convention. Great Plains is built to anticipate to proceed to the winning database platform and most likely for this reason we have seen mtss is a bit complicated naming convention in position: SOP10100, RM00101, IV00101 – they are samples: SOP header, Customer master, Inventory master. First – we have seen module prefix: SOP – Sales Order Processing, RM – Receivables management, IV – Inventory control, etc., then stays for that master files, 1 – so-known as work files (before transaction being published), 2 – open files (after transaction is published) and three – historic files (whenever you close the entire year generally Ledger – transactions are moved from available to history files). So as you can see – logic exists and structured, but it’s not friendly towards the developer, who never witnessed and labored with Great Plains Dynamics.

o Tables Groups. Great plains is built to first serve mid-size companies after which using the accessibility to 3rd party modules – the intention ended up being to compete on corporate ERP market with Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP yet others big players. For this reason we have seen the entire cluster of tables to keep, say Sales Invoice: SOP Header, SOP Lines, SOP Distribution, RM Key file, etc.

In the Forms side (or screens) you can observe more human-readable names: SOP Entry, RM_Customer_Maintenance, POP_Entry or even the like. However these legacy Great Plains Skill names don’t help eCommerce developer – only most likely because the reference which table works together with specific screen.

Let us check out the various tools available:

o eCommerce – along with eOrder, along with other eXXX products it ought to be regarded as legacy and phase out product, according to Microsoft eCommerce server and ASP technology, today Microsoft has new paradigm – .Internet and ASPX World

o eConnect – was specifically produced for eCommerce developers, who integrate Microsoft Great Plains with eCommerce web interface. It covers lots of Great Plains objects creation and retrieving functionality, nevertheless it comes with limitations, because it wasn’t should have been substitute to Great Plains Skill covering. For instance – should you create Orders in SOP via Web interface/eConnect – it is not easy manipulate these orders (gets in Invoices, backorders, reallocations, etc.). Something with eConnect – developers are type of used that Microsoft provides free SDK to the products, Microsoft CRM for instance has freely downloadable Microsoft CRM SDK. For eConnect you spend license and become on Microsoft Business Solutions annual support to obtain version upgrades. Also if you’re ISV and build up your GP integration for your customers – you’ve licensing problem with Microsoft.

o Custom SOP/AR stored procedures. Microsoft Business Solutions partners within their practice will often have several Great Plains integration projects implemented where integration is recognized around the stored procedures level and transactions are produced and manipulated in Great Plains SOP. So – you might finish up seeking this kind of help.

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