With cloud computing coming to the forte, business management and operations have changed for the better. If you are considering shifting your database to the cloud, the first obvious step is to review the various solutions and options. For small businesses, it is also important to do the same with an eye on the budget. In this post, we take a look at custom online database software solutions with an overview of each.

The choices

  • Custom ERP solutions. Custom CRM and ERP solutions have been around for a while, and these are ‘out of the box’ software options that allow you to customize some of the features for your business. What makes them effective is the range of features these software options offer, which caters to pan segments and industries. On the flip side, such software is usually expensive, making them not-so—popular for growing and small companies.
  • Custom database. Many businesses prefer the idea of hiring a team of developers, who build a custom online database, keeping the diverse needs of the concerned business in mind. If you have that kind of budget, this is by far the best possible option to go for. You only pay for the features that you really need, and that kind of justifies the price. Creating custom online database, however, isn’t a quick fix, so it may take a while to design your setup.
  • Online database software. The final choice is an online database application software solution, which is typically offered by a third-party but works as the perfect choice for small businesses. Startups and growing businesses often prefer paying for the storage and requirements that they need, without bothering about licenses, maintenance and expensive IT setups. Cost-wise, this is a good alternative for many companies.

Which one to choose?

Ideally, it is best to consider the present and future needs of your company before taking the call. Online database application software solutions work well for most industries, but again, if you want a completely customized database, the second option makes more sense. If you are choosing online database software, make sure that you look for a company that’s approachable and offers further assistance for customizing their solutions. It is necessary to evaluate the kind of technical assistance and support you will get from the provider, no matter whether it is a custom developer, a provider of ERP or Online database application software services.