1. Instant results

Your mobile phones are always with you and mostly it is on. In other words, you can receive message instantly as soon as it is sent. According to advertising agencies in Singapore, you can make the most of the mobile tactics to convey your marketing message out immediately.

  1. Broader reach

Mobiles and tablets are cheaper, smaller and more mobile than conventional computer systems. In other words, if you were unable to be online then, mobile advertising is a way to not be restricted by any kind of geo, financial or technical barriers.

  1. Easy to use

As the screen size is small, it restricts the scope of content to be showcased. This renders it easy for the content creators, in order to keep the copy concise and precise. Also, simpler content is ideal to be put on various mobile platforms.


  1. Privacy issues

This is the numero uno con considered by most of the people. Mobile marketers need to respect the user privacy and offer clear information on opting out of marketing communications if the user wishes to do that.

  1. Diverse platforms

Mobile devices don’t work with a particular standard as compared to computer systems. They are available in various shapes and sizes, so the screen size is never the same. The phones also use varied OS and browsers. Hence campaign creation for all of them is a bit tricky as well.